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Radiographic Display Systems

The Solution for Those Who Need to Display the Important Details in Radiographic Film

The TeleMate Radiographic Display System is designed specifically to display radiographs—a TeleMate displays more grays from a radiograph than the typical document viewer can achieve. Every TeleMate offers bright, fluorescent, color balanced lighting to illuminate a full 14-by-17-inch transparency in portrait mode. A fixed-height camera stanchion and opaque illumination are standard.

The TeleMate is easy to use. Using the power zoom, iris, and focus, you can quickly and accurately adjust to different opaques and film densities. The TeleMate always displays the best image.

Fit a TeleMate to your application with an optional internal, four-way, film masking system. Add the optional mobile cart, and you will find a use for the TeleMate throughout your institution. And for the future, a TeleMate can be upgraded to grow with your expanding needs.

Shown with the optional camera security cover and the optional LCD monitor.

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System packages are available. Contact a Gordon sales representative for more information.

Standard Equipment Specifications

Your Choice of High Resolution, CCD Cameras

  • TeleMate-200 Color, Single-CCD, 500 TVL, 55 db Video S/N
  • TeleMate-300 Color, Three-CCD, 715 TVL, 65 db Video S/N

Standard Features

  • Lens Power 10:1 zoom with power focus and user-controlled iris
  • Output NTSC and Y/C (S-video); PAL available

Auxiliary Video Switcher

Auxiliary composite video and Y/C (S-video)

Bright, Fluorescent Transparency Light Source

The digitally tested, flat field illuminator provides the intensity you need for crisp, clear images. The transparency lighting is color balanced at 4100 K.

Fluorescent, Color Balanced Opaque Lighting (4100 K)

The opaque lighting system illuminates an area up to 15 inches by 18 inches, allowing you to display books, gross studies, and notes.

Cool Plate Film Table

The film table illuminates 14-by-17-inch transparencies in portrait mode. The optional masking system effectively provides masking and cropping of all transparencies from a 14-by-14-inch film down to a 35-mm slide.

Easy to Use Control Panel

For quick, easy operation, the control panel is conveniently located on the front of the unit.


To keep in step with your changing needs, the TeleMate-200 is upgradeable to a TeleMate-300. All TeleMates can be upgraded as camera technology improves.

Measurements of Unit

8 inches high, 23-1/2 inches wide, and 27-1/2 inches deep, without camera stanchion

Fixed Camera Stanchion

42 inches high


  • Internal, four-way, film masking system
  • LCD preview monitor
  • Camera security cover
  • Y/C (S-video) connection kit
  • Mobile cart
  • Video projector
  • System packages available

Specifications are Subject to Change without Notice

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